TimeformUS.com Site Architecture Upgrade

We’ve implemented an upgrade to TimeformUS.com’s architecture.

What’s New

  • Speed: The site’s architecture has been upgraded to give you up to 4 times faster performance. Or maybe 8 times. It’s just a lot faster.
  • Printing:
  1. Full card PDFs print out pace figures (rather than fractions); it has always been that way.
  2. The single race printouts will print the fractions if you set preferences that way. Single card printing will not be available until next week.
  3. You may run into issues attempting to access PDFs from certain tablets like older model iPads.
  4. Customers can email us tracks they need PDFs for and we will provide them.
  • Design: The site’s graphic design has been upgraded for high-resolution devices. Design will continue to be updated throughout May.
  • Just as in TimeformUS PPs, TimeformUS charts have been color-coded to reflect fast or slow fractions-

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.43.37 PM

  • Just as in TimeformUS PPs, TimeformUS charts have been color-coded to reflect track biases, in the Race Rating box at the top-

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.42.26 PM

  • Pace Projector has been abbreviated for a faster snapshot view, that you’ll see in the upper right corner of any Preview or PPs page. This snapshot will soon be updated with color coding for races that project to favor speed, or have a hot pace.
  • Log-in is required earlier to see some content, such as entries. Just log-in. You’ll be glad you did.
  • The “Upcoming” races function has been moved to right in the site’s top navigation.
  • Tell us what you see. Tell us what you think needs to be better. Email us at support@timeformus.com with all feedback.


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14 Responses to TimeformUS.com Site Architecture Upgrade

  1. Several glitches need to be worked out. I use a one year old ipad with safari. When I scroll down a horse’s pacelines and then look at the next horse’s pacelines, timeformus doesn’t show me the latest pacelines on the new horse. If I had scrolled down to the 12th, 16th, or 20th paceline on the previous horse, timeformus shows me the 12th, 16th, or 20th paceline on the new horse. I am looking at an old paceline and thinking it is the horse’s latest paceline.
    Also, I am seeing errors today at Santa Anita. For example, in the fourth race the #7 horse is listed between the #13 and #14 horses. All three of the horses are listed as first time starters even though they have all run many times according to their history. There are no pacelines for any of the horses. I won’t play Santa Anita today for fear of bad data for the horses.


  2. tom meyer says:

    What about Samsung note ll user .


  3. Thank you for Internet Explorer support! That was the *one thing* that prevented me from using TimeformUS. Now it’s time to give it a try! Thanks again!


  4. Joe says:

    Before I buy this product, I would like one full week of pp’s for a fair evaluation.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Bob says:

    So what’s the plan for iPhone users?


  6. bdolin11 says:

    Reblogged this on bdolin11's Blog and commented:
    Change to time forums past performances



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