TimeformUS Speed Figure Scale Alignment


>The Top 3 exclusive Timeform features for overseas shippers in TimeformUS PPs

One of the benefits of being a TimeformUS customer is our Speed Figures are harmonized to the Timeform Global Ratings scale, giving our customers the unique edge of comparing our figures for North American horses with Timeform’s Ratings for overseas runners when they ship to America to race.

We continuously review our Figures to keep them aligned with Timeform, given the evolving global Thoroughbred racehorse population and the fluctuations in horses’ ability from country to country. Some background:

  • Racing in Europe (and other continents) is different from racing in North America, and making Speed Figures is fundamentally different. At many tracks in Europe, the race distances are not measured as accurately as they are in North America, and only a few European tracks report sectional times.  Additionally, In Europe, horses at the top levels generally carry substantially more weight, and the horses typically race without raceday medication.
  • Timeform uses a complex set of proprietary algorithms to measure these factors a and establish initial ratings, and a team of handicappers to confirm the final Timeform Ratings for each horse’s performances. Timeform’s ratings are under continuous review, to give the customer the most up-to-date assessment possible.
  • TimeformUS Speed Figure creation processes are similar, but more reliant on pace and final time. To learn more about how TimeformUS Speed and Pace Figures are made, click here.
  • Typically, the Timeform scale for 3-yr-old and up horses looks like this:
    140+ – An outstanding horse
    130–135 – Above average Group 1 winner
    125–129 – Average Group 1 winner
    115–124 – Average Group 2 winner
    110–115 – Average Group 3 winner


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4 Responses to TimeformUS Speed Figure Scale Alignment

  1. Mark callaghan says:

    What is the tfus scale.


  2. zach h. says:

    give us great info like in the US for Australia…..now that is a “rabbit out of your hat”. lol



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