The TimeformUS Pace Projector

The TimeformUS Pace Projector a breakthrough timesaver that tells you where they’ll be early in a race, and more. It is available on the Preview Page for the two free Races of the Day, and is available for all North American races you have purchased.

About the Pace Projector

The TimeformUS Pace Projector displays the position we project the horses to be in at the opening quarter mile of a sprint, or the opening half mile of a route. This is done by combining the horse’s habitual running style with his previous pace figures, forming what we believe is the most formidable pace projection tool available anywhere.

In addition to providing a visual representation of the pace of each race, the Pace Projector will also note pace scenarios. Moderate pace scenarios will look like the above graphic and exceptional paces will be marked in the upper right corner. If we predict an unusually fast pace, you’ll see a red note saying “Fast Pace”, while a slow early pace will have the note “Favors Horse On/Near Early Lead.”

Fast Pace

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.36.45 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What point in the race are you displaying?
A: In races under one mile, we show you the pace projection after the opening two furlongs. In races at a mile or longer, we show you the pace projection after the opening half mile.

Q: What data are you using to make these predictions?
A: We use the pace figures created by our figure-making team to establish a horse’s expected opening fractions and combine that with his habitual running style to predict his location within the field.

Q: What do you do with first-time starters?
A: First-time starters will not be placed on the Pace Projector. Instead, at the bottom of the Pace Projector, we will note any horses lacking pace data. If 35% or more of the horses in a maiden race are first time starters, no pace projection will be shown.

Q: How do you handle scratched horses?
A: When a scratch occurs, the Pace Projector will be updated to remove the scratched horse. If this scratch changes the pace scenario, a new pace projection will be displayed.

Q: What is this “Deep Closer” note shown on the Pace Projector?
A: If a horse is expected to be so far off the pace at the opening point of call that he doesn’t fit onto the projection, he will be noted as a “Deep Closer” in the bottom of the Pace Projector.

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1 Response to The TimeformUS Pace Projector

  1. Steve Mercier says:

    Pace projector is excellent and can be MUCH better with a vertical line displaying the par pace for this class of race. This would show at a glance just how hot or soft the pace is theoretically likely to be. A further enhancement would be to color code the images of the horses in the pace projector. For example if the body of the horse was red that could mean that the horse attended a fast pace or blue if he was a closer who cleaned up after a hot pace . Yellow could mean the horse benefitted from an easy lead or attending a weak pace and green could indicate a closer who moved against a weak pace



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