Full Race Conditions now available in running lines

When looking at TimeformUS Beta past performances, you will see that the color-coded track oval provides an abbreviated version of the race conditions. In the example below, you can tell from the information in the oval that the race was a 6 furlong dirt allowance race for fillies and mares three-years-old and up, the purse was $53,000, and the track was fast that day.

By clicking or tapping the oval, you now can pull up the full race conditions, which tell you exactly what type of race it was, including any breeding, weight, and performance restrictions.


As you know, we’re still developing our “Race Ratings,” which will help simplify the process of understanding class moves. They will be inserted into the running lines to the left of the track ovals, where you now see a dash inside a white box. We’re also going to add quick links to full result charts from within the running lines.

Until those features are in place, you can use the abbreviated race conditions inside the oval, or click the oval and get the full version.

Visit TimeformUS.com

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