How to use TimeformUS Past Performances


TimeformUS  is a new horse racing product which is optimized for tablets and the web, and will modernize the way  horseplayers view Past Performances.

First thing’s first: if you’re looking for a PDF legend labeling all of our features, click here

Watch the video and use the links below to learn about the different areas of TimeformUS.

TimeformUS Help Legend (PDF)

The Preview Page
The Fast PPs
The Race Finder Tool

Other helpful blog posts
How TimeformUS is Different
TimeformUS Speed Figures
TimeformUS Spotlight Speed Figures
TimeformUS Pace Figures
Running Style and Early/Late Ratings

Frequently Asked Questions
What browsers does TimeformUS work best on?
A: TimeformUS was built to work best on ChromeFirefox, or Safari on your PC, or Safari on your iPad.

Q: Who can access TimeformUS PPs?
A: TimeformUS Past performances are available exclusively for TVG Members for five tracks per day during this Beta period. Soon, TVG Members will be able to purchase PPs for most North American tracks.

Q: Who should I contact if I have trouble accessing TimeformUS or if I have additional questions?
A: Email TimeformUS at


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36 Responses to How to use TimeformUS Past Performances

  1. acraw34529 says:

    I could not find the daily work out in neither the Time Form program nor the PDF. It would be good to know how the horse’s workout stocked up in comparison to others that worked out for that particular day. Are there plans to add this feature?


  2. jay t. baer says:

    i signed up months ago and have no idea what my username or password is may i please start over again i buy timeform every racing day and download your forms when i go to track. i want to see what else is available but can not use your site jay i am good tvg customer handle 5K per month


  3. We always recommend going with your own picks, but our experts (as on the nyra site) are the best we have.


  4. bill mentes says:

    In a msw race, what takes precedence the pedigree figure or the timeform figure? For instance in race 3 at saratoga today, aug 17, torpedo tammy is the selection but her pedigree number is quite a bit lower than others


    • @rtr says:

      Hi Bill,
      Essentially what that automated selection is showing is that the horses with experience haven’t run fast, so it’s deferring to a first-time starter with some pedigree and a trainer who has been successful recently with first time starters. But it’s an automated selection, best used for context. Better still is our expert analysis at


  5. mike says:

    is there a track symbol/color for any bias? Where/ thanks


  6. Phil says:

    What is the Rating in the conditions box? And is that compared to the Race rating of each horse?


  7. bkelley35 says:

    why on your login does the “Remember me next time” not work. I have to login new everytime. Also on the same computer can’t you allow opening of 2 windows or more when a player is playing multiple track. Its a pain to be waiting while site re-loads a different track


    • One thing you can do – and I don’t speak for the TFUS guys, just making a suggestion as a reader and user of TFUS PPs – is to invoke the PDF of the complete card in another browser tab. The PDF buttons are found above the Pace Projector in the Fast PPs tab. The first one creates a PDF of the entire card, the second produces a PDF of the race you’re looking at and the last one produces a printout of TFUS’s condensed information, for which you’ll have to search their blog to find an explanation. Don’t give up…I’m sure there will be a solution. One of them, if you aren’t using one, is to get a MacBook! As for the browser, Safari or Chrome work for me. What browser, operating system and type of computer are you using?


    • Re: Log-in. It works on some browsers and not others. We can keep chasing it but the browsers evolve. What browser, and on Ipad or PC?

      And…we just checked, and we’re looking at 3 instances of Chrome with 3 different sets of PPs up on our PC right now.

      Need more info to help, and would also suggest a call, Please email us at and we’ll set something up.


  8. CFC says:

    Hello. I purchased my first PP for Santa Anita, May 3rd. So excited! I noticed the “Deluxe PPs” tab is not available. Is that based on my purchase, or is it simply too soon to view those?


    • marc@tfus says:

      We should really remove mention of the Deluxe tab from our blog, as we’ve merged deluxe and fast simply into one tab. We decided to have two separate levels was needlessly complicated and we’re just offering it all-in-one. Good luck at SA!


  9. Joel Shivak says:

    I’m headed to my first derby and trying access all this stuff on a phone doesn’t sound fun. If I buy the derby package will be able to print off everything I need by Thursday night and take it with me?


  10. says:

    How to access the Kentucky derby/Oaks package if you are a monthly customer? Please advise


    • marc@tfus says:

      You’re monthly, so you’ll just get it. When PPs are ready for CD for those days you’ll have access, and you’ll get the first-reads on the stakes analysis e-mailed your way as well.


  11. Vince says:

    Could you put the name of the jockey and trainer on the first page, next to the name of the horse?
    It’s silly to have to click on each horse to find this info.


    • TimeformUS says:

      Hi Vince – On the preview page, to the right of each horse’s “Run Style” there’s a vertical “expander” bar which looks like this: |||
      If you click that bar, it will show you each horse’s trainer and jockey information, plus the weight they’re carrying today and any medication they’re on.


  12. Steven says:

    I don’t have a credit card so and pay pal in the future or debit card ….Would like to see the different using your PP..Thanks for your time !!


  13. Richard Hawk says:

    Will you be incorporating a replay feature at some point in time.


  14. By the way, DRF’s flagship product doesn’t work on iPad and BRISnet is still stuck in the 1990s (although their breadth of info is admirable). Go figure. I like your innovations.


  15. Barry Morrison says:

    While the approach of Timeform US is certainly innovative, the one aspect that could be imrpoved is the addition of an odds line. While adding live odds is helpful, it does not replace an accurate betting line that allows the player to see where the value is. Many people think an overlay is just about the morning line. True value of a wager is getting higher odds than a horse should be in relation to its chances of winning. While other web sites offer this feature, I am hopeful that you will be including it in the future. Keep up the good work.

    Barry Morrison


  16. jamie says:

    what is the deal with the new colors for the race figures?


  17. sunsetsports says:

    Product is first-class. My problem in relation to DRF and Equibase vs. TimeformUS is the amount of information you can view on the screen. With the DRF and Equibase you can view more information without scrolling and you can print out the pages…this makes contener-comparison easier to handicap and make notes.


    • marc@tfus says:


      Long story short: We do offer printable PPs (see the printer icon at the top of each race PPs) and we will soon offer a single print-out for the full card.
      Also: We’re offering a lot more detail and texture than many other providers. So you can view “more” information without scrolling, but that information is much less detailed than ours, usually.
      Finally: We will, by Spring, offer more condensed formats as well.


      • murph says:

        its been months since u said u would go to a full card print out option, what gives?


      • marc@tfus says:

        It’s coming.
        No, seriously.
        We’re shooting for this week.
        Question: If, at first, we’re only going to offer one kind of full-card display, and you had a choice between fractions or pace figures, which would you prefer?


      • Steven says:

        I think pace figure are the way to go ,fractions are great if you know how the track played that day !! Just a thought and I just keep learning I hope !! Best Always !!


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