The TimeformUS Mission

You probably know the moment: a folder full of form gets caught by a wind gust in a racetrack parking lot. On a spring day not too long ago, I watched that papery chaos unfold once again, and thought: Is it finally time to take a run at modernizing horse racing information on the web, both for those who are passionate about horse racing and for those who someday will be?

With the emergence of iPads and iPad Minis (and their imitators), and with browsers for PCs finally starting to improve, isn’t it high time that “past performances” start to look like the present?

I e-mailed a few of the brightest and most passionate people I know. They committed quickly, in New York, California, and Kentucky. Then Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania signed on. A group of us, beginning to rethink racing information, imagining everything we could to make the game easier and more fun.

The idea became more refined over time, and we all started to embrace the same goals:

The horse racing Past Performance experience should look and act more like the current experience we enjoy elsewhere on the web and in apps.

  • Let’s streamline data so it’s smarter, easier, and more intuitive to use.
  • Let’s make our site work faster than what you’re used to.
  • Let’s have it do more of the work of figuring out the races for you.
  • Let’s build one site—one end-to-end experience–that never stops getting better, just as the horseplayer never stops seeking an edge.

So we went to work and then the idea started to spread. The innovators at Timeform in the UK shared our values and brought a wealth of knowledge and global data to the table. We’re a US company, focused on US racing, but now our partners are in London and Halifax, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to name our site and first product for them: Given the decades Timeform has spent innovating, we hope we can live up to the name, as well as live up to the unparalleled information they are providing to us.

The list of innovators we’re working with? It’s going to keep growing.

You can visit here to learn more about the site, or simply start at the homepage here.
It’s just the beginning, but we promise to be relentless and never stop getting better.

Marc Attenberg

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