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TimeformUS is a horse racing product which is optimized for tablets and the web, and will modernize the way many horseplayers view Past Performances. It is continuously being refined, so the product you see now will continue to evolve and improve.  New features will be added in the coming weeks and months, and for information on what’s available now, you can read these helpful blog posts below:

How to use TimeformUS Past Performances
• TimeformUS Help Legend (PDF)
• The Fast PPs
• The Race Finder Tool

How TimeformUS is Different
• TimeformUS Speed Figures
• TimeformUS Spotlight Speed Figures
• TimeformUS Pace Figures
• TimeformUS Pace Projector
• Trainer Ratings
• Enhanced Foreign Running Lines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TimeformUS?
A: TimeformUS is a new digital past performance product which is optimized for tablets and the web, and will modernize the way horseplayers view past performances. TimeformUS Past performances are available exclusively for TVG Members for five tracks per day during this Beta period. Soon, TVG Members will be able to purchase PPs for most North American tracks.

TimeformUS Help Legend (PDF)

TimeformUS was built to work best on Chrome, Safari and Firefox on your PC, or Safari on your iPad.

Q: Who should I contact if I have trouble accessing TimeformUS or if I have additional questions?
A: Email TimeformUS at

track-drop-down-menuQ: How do I access TimeformUS Past Performances I’ve purchased in the TVG Store?
A: After purchasing PPs for a day of racing at a track, you’ll see a link in the TVG Store that sends you to to access your past performances. If you purchase PPs for more than one track, use the Track Menu Drop Down on to switch between your purchased tracks. The free Race of the Day Past Performances will also be displayed in this Drop Down Menu.

Q: How are the TimeformUS Speed Figures Created?
A: TimeformUS Speed Figures are a breakthrough rating combining the horse’s final time, the pace at which the horse ran, and the pace of the race in which he ran. By combining a horse’s final-time figure, pace figures, and running style into one number, TimeformUS forms a state-of-the-art single-number measure of all-around performance.

Q: What is the Spotlight Speed Figure?
A: The Spotlight Speed Figure, which is available on the Preview Page of TimeformUS Past Performances, is each horse’s most relevant speed figure among the recent races he’s run. It’s a great way to get into a race and quickly see who the contenders are according to the TimeformUS speed figures

Q: What is the Pace Projector?
A: The TimeformUS Pace Projector is a one-of-a-kind tool that is available for virtually all North American races. It displays the position TimeformUS projects the horses to be in at the opening quarter mile of a sprint, or the opening half-mile of a route. This is done by combining the horse’s habitual running style from his past performances with TimeformUS pace figures, forming a formidable tool for quickly understanding what a race is going to look like at the crucial early pace call in a race.

43 Responses to Help/Feedback

  1. I printed condensed form from the preview page, but there is no legend…How does one read them?


  2. Fred says:

    Will Los Alamitos be covered Thoroughbred be covered?


  3. Warren says:

    I need help bought today keeps saying my password is wrong but is not.


  4. Conley says:

    I have a scale that I have used for horse racing and it goes like this: A+ 99,98,97,96/ A 95,94,93/ A- 92.91,90/ B+ 89,88,87,86/ B 85,84,83/ B- 82,81,80/ C+ 79,78,77,76/ C 75,74,73/ C- 72,71,70/ D 69,68,67,66. Should I use this for pace or speed figures?


  5. jai prakash says:



  6. Terry says:

    Enjoying using TFUS PP’s. Would have liked to see an area dedicated to the BC, so will ask question here. Curious as to why Dancing Rags has a fig 6 points higher than Daddy’s Lil Darling. Margin was a length and both carried same weight. Don’t see any evidence in PP’s that course favoured closers. Hoping for some help and clarity.



  7. I purchased Breeders Cup Package but can not access it. Whrn I look at purcasees it shows nothing



  8. Sutton sampson says:

    How do I signup for this site


  9. KG says:

    Are you compatible with the Microsoft Surface?


  10. Blake says:

    is there a way to access the trainer Lifetime performance statistics through the U.S. website?? I used to be able to search trainer/horse/jockey statistics through the service.timeform.betfair. out of the UK, but it seems to be having issues or is no longer available….Please Advise


  11. Jay says:

    How far ahead can you purchase a dats entries?


  12. Nicholas Gallopo says:

    I purchased the $5.99 package for Saturday Jan 3. I loged out of the web site and wanted to go back in to get data for Laurel. How do get back into the web site without paying another fee?


  13. John Dyer says:

    I primarily use my Iphone for access. Does that work ? Also, will I be able to access all the Breeders Cup info thru the IPhone ? You did not answer the question if I should decide to cancel the monthly service at a later date, how does that work ?


  14. TimeformUS says:

    You’ll have access for 30 days starting from tomorrow.


  15. John Dyer says:

    If I purchase $69.99 monthly plan tomorrow. Does my first month run from 10/9-11/9 ?


  16. Robert Kennedy says:

    I cannot sign in please delete my e-mail and let me start over. I have tried and tried with this e-mail and asked before and was told to use a period after entering the e-mail but the form wont let me. I would like to purchase your products but your site wont let me in. So please delete me and let me start over


  17. DH says:

    Will you become compatible with Internet Explorer/Microsoft Surface in the near future?


  18. Greg Gentzler says:

    Are the fractional times displayed raw times or adjusted with track variant? If i toggle between the horses fractional times and pace figures, are they equal? Just displayed in a different format?


  19. Peter C says:

    Just bought the Surface from Microsoft and can not upload cards to the device it will not let me upload Opera, Safari or Firefox, So are you all working on support for the Microsoft supported tablets and Pcs, Thanks,


  20. Lawrence Paden says:

    Just found out Mike Beer has joined your team. Nice Catch
    I have been an avid fan of Mikes on drf and i am wondering how i can see his picks and will he be doing videos ?


  21. This web site is so 21st century: clear, clean, neat, organized, easily readable, written in a conversational and light tone…leaves DRF’s chaotic, ugly mess in the shitheap of history, where it rightly belongs in the post-Crist era. The others, like BRIS and Equibase haven’t been touched, it seems, since the 1980s, and they aren’t even embarrassed by that fact. You guys are a breath of fresh air. Yes, I’m going to subscribe once my BRISnet subscription is up. Say, just thought of this: are you planning to take on Formulator with trainer database queries and searches?


  22. Warren Eves says:

    What a great follow on the Pacific Classic. Way back when I was clocking at Santa Anita I can still hear clocker John Wilson(who is still clocking in SoCal) screaming about how the poles were wrong on Santa Anita’s infield turf course. I never pursued it, but have a great deal of respect for John’s opinion and wondered if your company has ever surveyed the infield turf course at Santa Anita. Wilson continues to clock at the so-called “off” track for I believe Andy Harrington. He knoiws what he is doing and has been at it for eons.


  23. John Lyons says:

    how do I switch back and forth between PP’s and Pace projections????



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