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42 Responses to Contact Us

  1. mark combs says:

    4th race at Aqueduct has scratches…waiting on update…


  2. Mark Combs says:

    2nd race has late scratch at Santa Anita today, when will you update power picks?


  3. Mark Combs says:

    2nd race at Santa Anita today, when will you update PowerPicks?


  4. lou says:

    please cancel my subscription.


  5. J. Hall says:

    I mistakenly purchased one track for January 19, 2015 when my intent was to purchase the full day which I also did. I assume I will be credited for the one track purchase. Please advise.

    J Hall


  6. J. Hall says:

    When will the condensed form for Oaklawn 1-15-15 be available?


  7. Dave says:

    Hi, I tried to sign up for an account but, would not take my info.. How do I sign up?


  8. J. Hall says:

    Gulfstream condensed form is not available for Sat. 9-13-14 as of yet……


  9. Milton says:

    Do you have a phone # I can contact you


  10. Mike H says:

    Same error on full card printout – single race printout was ok.


    • marc@tfus says:

      Hi Mike,

      Equibase sent over the data in error. We corrected the data in the product but the two PDFs you mention were not re-run. So we apologize for the error. Having said that, we’d also note the timing issue here. The error was corrected at about noon yesterday–anyone could have printed PDFs well in advance of that. It’s always a good idea to engage with the digital product, as it’s up to the moment with scratches, changes, etc. But we appreciate we should have pushed through a PDF regeneration here and will in the future.


  11. nathan campobasso says:

    LIke to get started BUT unable to find a number to help me get started Nathan 760 228 1186 or


    • marc@tfus says:

      Hi Nathan,
      Your email just bounced back to us–it’s no good.

      What problems are you having getting started?

      Here’s where you go to sign up:

      Then just go from the homepage to “find a track” and go right to the races you want and click on any horse and you’ll be prompted to buy. It’s $2.99 for a new customer for 3 days unlimited access–try us out!

      Let us know if that helps.


  12. Bill says:

    do you have a number i can call you to get this ironed out?


  13. Bill says:

    I xed out and couldn’t download condensed version. Prob my mistake. Can I rebuy without being billed again? In other words will system know i purchased for the day and allow me access without billing again


    • TimeformUS says:

      Bill – you will NOT be billed again for a track you have already purchased. Simply log in to and navigate to the track and date you already purchased. If you have already bought the PPs, you will not be asked to make a new purchase.


  14. Bill says:

    Is condensed version available yet? I purchased last weekend and was not able to access.


  15. marc@tfus says:

    Known issue, fix will be in place by Friday (we believe), apologies for the inconvenience.


  16. J. Hall says:

    I played Keenland today(4-9-14) and the layoff lines on the condensed form were not consistent with the PP’s. According to the PP’s they were in the wrong position. Please advise. Race 1 today is a good example.


  17. Jack Hall says:

    Jan. 27th you were going to have a meeting concerning a condensed version. I have not seen an update.

    J. Hall


  18. J. Hall says:

    You have the best product but I cannot use it in its’ present format. Craig’s condensed form was developed over a number of years and showed all the pertinent information on one sheet. Please consider one race on one screen as an option.


  19. Bob Quinn says:

    You’ve got a great new product. I have 2 issues. 1 is the too narrow scroll bar which makes it very hard to scan. Please make it more user friendly. The other, and the most important is your Trainers/Jockey data box. It is by far the worst part of the program. I don’t want a # rating, all I want is the data with ROI. I want to know if a trainer is 3 for 40, dirt to turf or 6 for 35. I don’t want to see 68 or 81. I subscribed to HTR for 3 years and their TRNR page on their main screen is the best I’ve ever seen for trainer/jockey information. IMO you should can your current format and go back to square 1. Emulating what HTR has would be a good idea.


  20. Cato says:

    Great numbers but the interface is slow and clunky if you want to compare each horses numbers in each race. you have to come up with a summary sheet as noted above or even better yet the user pick and choose what he or she wants to see in such a summary sheet.
    Thanks, Frank


  21. Bill says:

    That is great. You have a terrific product. If you get it to a condensed sheet you’ll get rolling. And Craig really knows whats what.


  22. Bill says:

    condense these figures so you can view all races for 1 track on 2-3 pages.
    You have useful numbers that are hard to incorporate into my handicapping.
    This way I can buy the figures for 1 track and print and then use as I play the races. I can’t use them this way for a full card.


  23. bob says:

    I would like you to allow us to go into the previous days races for our favorite tracks and ck out the pp’s and the pace projector. My home track is Tampa Bay Downs and would be nice to go into the previous days races and get a feel on how the track is playing


  24. Joser says:

    In regards to the Pacific Classic, could it be that the track was 3/5 of a second slower at a classic distance and the horse was 2 lengths farther than his previous post to make his time one second slower than last year.


  25. Tom says:

    Please default to the upcoming race when changing tracks – not race 1. Good first impression. The price is right!



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