Feature upgrade: Our PDF PPs have been transformed

TimeformUS PDF PPs have been significantly upgraded to be much more usable, reflecting the reality on the ground: the on-track experience often means being offline, & color ink is still too expensive.

Here are the main changes to our PDFs:

  • ​The new PDF typically fits 3 or more horses per page, with 10 running lines per horse. So a full racecard can typically print out in less than 30 pages.
  • Pace Projector is now included; typically this will be a version that is pre-scratches. We recommend checking the live/online version to see how scratches effect the Projector for any race.
  • Some of the features, like track bias notation, are handled with text instead of color.

We will continue to refine these PDFs but wanted to get them out there as is, given that they represent a substantial upgrade over the previous version.

To sample the PDFs, access our free Races of the Day from the homepage and choose “single race” from the Print tab above the PPs.

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5 Responses to Feature upgrade: Our PDF PPs have been transformed

  1. Jack says:

    Has anyone been able to use the race replay function…I have a number of different tablets but none of them will play the replay video


    • TimeformUS says:

      Jack, we’re not seeing any issue with replays on iPad, for example. Typically users have a pop-up blocker setting they may need to disable so that replays will work. They will then open up, possibly in a separate browser instance.


  2. Jim Swanson says:

    I do like the new format for track use. Thank you. I have very limited data base skills yet find them useful when I can get data into a format easily. I really liked the format Dr Steve Roman used for the triple crown preps on his chef de race page.
    I confess I do not even know what API means. Are there tutorials anywhere or could you suggest other resources to learn how to use?
    I used to wear a green shirt and haunt the sovereign frontier. One night I reported to the graveyard shift to find my boss pecking on a keyboard and looking at some screen. All the typewriters were gone and replaced by some sort of DX60 I think. Boss looked at me and said, “We’re in the computer age now! Sink or swim!!” I’m still dog paddling . Don’t miss the white out and triple carbon paper though.


  3. Gary Russell says:

    I’m probably in the minority here – but I am not a fan of this change. Right or wrong, I was able to copy the old version of the forms into an Excel template and it really sped up how I analyze the data. i know you won’t change it back just for me – but have you considered a product and/or plan that can be downloadable in a spreadsheet friendly format? If so, please hurry getting that product to market!



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