Now Available: Daily and Weekly Saratoga Betting Strategies from David Aragona, with the PPs too!

TimeformUS Exclusive:

Saratoga Betting Strategies for all Saratoga Racedates:


$9.95 gets you a single day of PPs and the exclusive Betting Strategies that go along with it.

Or buy a weekly plan, 6 consecutive racedates for 44.95:

Get the Weekly Package Here.

What’s in the Betting Strategies?

  1. Exclusive access to the betting tickets for David Aragona’s Top Plays of the day, and more: Typically we’ll include pick 4 constructions and other exotic tickets.
  2. Exclusive access to the Highlight Horse for the day–David Aragona’s single most compelling play on the card–and of course the wagering strategies & in-depth ticket constructions for this race will be laid out for you.
  3. Emphasis on Stakes Races: Whether they’re our top plays or not, we know you want expert opinions on the classiest horses at Saratoga, and you’ll get that coverage exclusively in Saratoga Weekend Strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Saratoga Betting Strategies:

Q: If I buy the Saratoga Betting Strategies Package, how do I buy it then access it each race day?

A: To buy the Package , just click the links at the top of this blog post.

To access the Betting Strategies PDFs, either use the Strategies Tab at the top of your Saratoga PPs OR click “My Purchases” by clicking your username at the top of the TimeformUS website.

Q: Can I get the actual tickets for free on your site?

A: No. Only limited excerpts of the analysis will be free on–and the wagering strategies are exclusively for package buyers.

Q: Do Saratoga Betting Strategies come with the PPs?

A: Yes. For any day you buy Betting Strategies, Saratoga PPs for that day are includes as well.

Q: I’m already an Unlimited Access PPs Subscriber for $69.99 a month. Will I get the Saratoga Strategies Package as part of my monthly subscription?

A: If you’re on our $69.99 Unlimited PP Plan, you’ll get access to all PPs, but you’ll need to buy this Saratoga Weekend Package to gain access to the Betting Strategies. Please note Unlimited Annual Subscribers ($599 a year, on sale this month, email us at if interested) have access to all Betting Strategy Content year-round at no additional charge.

Questions? Please email us at

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4 Responses to Now Available: Daily and Weekly Saratoga Betting Strategies from David Aragona, with the PPs too!

  1. David Gamble says:

    After scratches and surface changes do you change your betting strategies that we have purchased?


  2. KAN TECK CHEN says:

    Just bought ONE day 9.95 for Saratoga pick. I wondering what am I getting? All I see are the PP. I don’t need those PP. I need the picks as described “Saratoga Betting Strategies from David Aragona. KC.08/05/18


    • TimeformUS says:

      Look above the PPs to the right, there are several tabs. One says “strategies.” Click on it, the click on “download” to get the betting strategies you have purchased.



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