The Performance of Kentucky Derby Post-Time Favorites, 1991-2015

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Nyquist is going to be made the Morning Line favorite at the Kentucky Derby Post Position Draw in Louisville at 5:30 EDT today, and, barring a big surprise, the undefeated juvenile champ will also be post-time favorite when they run the Derby on Saturday. We’ve all been discussing Nyquist’s prospects, and it led to hazy recollections about the performance of Post-Time favorites in the Derby in recent years. We thought we’d post some statistics to eliminate any haziness. Looking at the last 25 years, favorites have won 7 times, placed 4 times, and run third twice.



  • In 1995 and 1999 the favorites were coupled entries.
  • Through 2000, there was a mutuel field entry, limiting the Derby to 14 betting interests.

Otherwise, have a look yourself. It’s just 25 years. But it may help clear away some cobwebs.

Click on the file to enlarge it on your screen:

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  1. Stewart Winograd says:

    Flat bet profit thanks to the past three years.



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