Condensed Cards Now Available

A Condensed Card PDF is now available within TimeformUS PPs.

How to access the Condensed Card
printer-icon-newTo access this Condensed Card:

1) Log-in to and access the Fast PPs for any racecard. NOTE: You’ll need to actually go into the PPs (click on a horse’s name or the Fast PPs tab) to get to the Condensed Card.

2) Click this Printer Icon (as shown above) to launch the Condensed Card PDF. Again, you will only see this icon if you have access to a full day of races from a track. Free Race of the Day PPs will not offer this option.

How to use the Condensed Card
First, a few notes:

  • The Condensed Card is a way to quickly and easily compare all runners’ speed figures, and should not be used to replace full-blown handicapping.
  • Don’t confuse this for a Condensed Past Performance product. We are working on a product that will display condensed PPs (fitting an entire race onto one page), and that product will be released later this summer.

On the Condensed Card, you will find information for a full card of racing at the track of your choice. When looking at an individual race, you’ll see standard information (program numbers, morning line, etc) in addition to TimeformUS exclusive features like Speed Figures, Race Ratings, Running Style, and Early/Late Ratings.

See a Sample

Condensed Card key:



We hope you enjoy this new features, and encourage you to send any feedback and questions to


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6 Responses to Condensed Cards Now Available

  1. Dan Corr says:

    Love the new Condensed feature. Used it on 6 tracks over past weekend. Good results in conjunction with regular handicapping. Sent suggestion that you add jockey/trainer names and reduce # of SR from 10-to 5.
    Will use your produce on part-time basis. A bit expensive vs Twin Spires products that are free if you bet thru them.
    I”ve been using DRF/ Beyer figures for many many years but LOVE your new approach to information. Keep us the good work.


    • Twin Spires may give you free PPs – if you bet the races you buy (Iv’e done it, too) – but then they’re taking more from you out of every dollar you bet with their unjustified greedy takeout hike. Spend some time and do some test runs with this product. (And no, I am neither a shill nor part of the TFUS outfit.)


  2. marc@tfus says:

    We’ll knock 90% off those wait times, give us a few days.


  3. Buckpasser says:

    Thank you very much for this. I was spending an hour or two on each card punching this data into an Excel spreadsheet. 90 second wait times will still save me about 2 hours of time. 🙂


  4. videojohn63 says:

    is the cost lower for Condensed Cards reports



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