Bias Indicators sharpened

We’ve refined our Bias Indicator feature to take extra care to properly contextualize certain types of performances.

The changes, in summary:

  • Races with field sizes under six are weighted less than they previously were. By “weighted less,” we mean that the outcome of these races affect the Bias Indicator less than they previously did.
  • After considerable research, races we highlight as having a particularly fast or slow pace are weighted less than they previously were.
  • We changed the way we evaluate the performance of winning heavy favorites. In this case, the running style of winners who were even money or less are weighted less in the Bias Indicator than they previously were.

You’ll see these changes applied to all previous Bias Indicators in our PPs, and all races going forward.

Here’s the original post on Bias Indicators, when we added them to our PPs last month.

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