Bang for your Buck at Belmont

With the news that NYRA is going to be rolling up a number of its spring stakes onto one absurdly loaded card on Belmont Stakes Day (think 10 stakes with $8 million in purses, wow) this June 7th, industry analysts here at TFUS (industry analysts: 100% of the staff) began wondering just how impactful this sort of package could be. What would handle look like on a card like that?

We’ll leave it to you to set the over/under on that particular futures book, but we can give you some interesting numbers (to 100% of our staff) on the impact of race type on field size, handle, and average win payoff at NYRA over the trailing 12 months.

We chose to rank this list by field size and then by average handle, and we chose to break out the stakes into some arguably idiosyncratic categories. The Belmont and Travers each got their own line. The undercard graded stakes associated with those two days are grouped together. There’s a separate line for all graded stakes and all ungraded stakes (called “overnight stakes” here). And then we rolled everything up into All Stakes, too. Finally, you can compare the stakes action to other types of NYRA racing. It will be interesting to look at this list in a year, after the full effect of new Senior VP of Racing Operations Martin Panza is felt.

Ranked by Field Size:

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.19.16 PM

Ranked by Average Handle:

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.27.03 PM

Please note that these categories intentionally double count, at times. For example, Graded Stakes is a subset of All Stakes.

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1 Response to Bang for your Buck at Belmont

  1. Zippy Chippy says:

    It might be interesting to estimate what some new Listed Stakes could handle on Belmont day instead of adding the Met and how much less Belmont will handle without a race like the Met on Memorial day.



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