Welcome Bloodhorse readers: TimeformUS Summer Special PP Plans Available Now

truck4Hi Bloodhorse Readers,

Don’t melt from outrageous prices for the tools you need to win at the races. TimeformUS is now serving up three mouth-watering flavors of Summer PP Specials:


Get The Scoop.


Get The Scoop.


Get The Scoop.

What makes them taste so great?

  • The TimeformUS Pace Projector, for all races.
  • At last, PPs built with the iPad user in mind (and they work on PC or print-outs just fine, too).
  • The only Speed Figures that combine Final Time and Pace to give you a true understanding of how fast a horse ran–and what he’s capable of today!
  • Unlimited access to PPs for ALL races at ALL tracks. Great for switching from track to track to choose your favorite racing from around North America.

Questions we get:

Q: What’s the timeline for ordering one of these specials?

A: Click on any of the links above to choose a package–they’re available now! They will be available in the months of July and August, so keep coming back for more.

Q: Where do I find my PPs after I’ve bought a plan?

A: Once you’ve ordered a special, go to TimeformUS.com, click on “Find A Track,” select a race date, and you’re off and running.

Q: Do I have to use my special plan on consecutive racedates?

A: That’s correct. So if you order a three-day plan on a Friday, that means you’ll have PPs for all racing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each plan works similarly in this way.

Q: Sounds good, but I don’t know enough about your PPs. Where can I go to find out more?

A: >This page explains why those kids are sprinting in the picture above.

Q: If I consume these plans quickly, am I at risk of brain freeze?

A: We’ve never offered these specials before, so we can’t say for sure. We encourage you to take your time and savor them!


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