The TimeformUS Breeders’ Cup Package

TimeformUS Breeders’ Cup Package
On Sale Beginning Oct 23 – $19.99

bc2013Available October 23rd, the TimeformUS Breeders’ Cup Package has everything you need to tackle this year’s Breeders’ Cup. You’ll get past performances that include best-in-class foreign running lines and lifetime speed figures harmonized between Europe and North America –features that allow you to easily compare North American runners to the many European horses shipping over for the Breeders’ Cup. In addition, expert analysis and selections for all 14 Breeders’ Cup races will be delivered straight to your inbox, and you’ll get unlimited PPs for every track running Nov. 1-2.

• Advance Past Performances
Breeders’ Cup Advance PPs come out on October 23. Advance PPs will be available only to those who purchase this package (or current TimeformUS Monthly Unlimited subscribers). Final Breeders’ Cup PPs will be available once post positions are drawn on Monday, October 28th.

• Expert Selections and Analysis
TimeformUS and Timeform’s Global analysts are working together on previews of all 14 Breeders’ Cup races, complete with selections for each race. This partnership gives the reader insight from handicappers who have been following these horses closely all over the world. These selections will be emailed to Breeders’ Cup Package purchasers (and monthly subscribers) on Oct 31.

• Unlimited PPs November 1-2
Celebrate Breeders’ Cup weekend with unlimited PPs for ALL tracks November 1-2.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I’m an Unlimited Subscriber. Will I get Breeders’ Cup Advance PPs and Race Analysis?
A: Yes, Unlimited Subscribers will have access to Breeders’ Cup Advance PPs beginning on Oct. 23 and will get the Race Analysis emailed to them on Oct. 31

Q: I JUST want Breeders’ Cup final PPs. Can I just buy Santa Anita PPs for November 1 and 2?
A: Yes, although you will not get access to Advance PPs or our Race Analysis

Q: What’s the timeline for the elements in this package?
A: Breeders’ Cup Advance PPs will be available Oct. 23. On Oct. 28, after post positions are drawn, they will turn into Final PPs.
Race Analysis will be emailed to you on Oct. 31
Your unlimited access to all races on Nov 1-2 will be available as soon as entries are drawn for races running on those dates.

Q: Will the Pace Projector be available in the Advance? And in the Final PPs?
A: The Pace Projector will not be available in the Breeders’ Cup Advance PPs because post positions will not be known at that time. Once post positions are drawn and the PPs go final, Pace Projectors will be available for all races. Horses running outside of North America will not be displayed on the Pace Projector, as tracks outside of North America don’t typically record fractional times throughout a race. But you can use the detailed Timeform Perspective Comment within the running lines for information on these horses’ preferred running styles.

Q: Where do I find Advance PPs after I’ve bought this?
A: Go to the TimeformUS Track Finder page, select November 1st or 2nd, and click Santa Anita.

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