How to use TimeformUS Past Performances


TimeformUS  is a new horse racing product which is optimized for tablets and the web, and will modernize the way  horseplayers view Past Performances.

First thing’s first: if you’re looking for a PDF legend labeling all of our features, click here

Watch the video and use the links below to learn about the different areas of TimeformUS.

TimeformUS Help Legend (PDF)

The Preview Page
The Fast PPs
The Race Finder Tool

Other helpful blog posts
How TimeformUS is Different
TimeformUS Speed Figures
TimeformUS Spotlight Speed Figures
TimeformUS Pace Figures
Running Style and Early/Late Ratings

Frequently Asked Questions
What browsers does TimeformUS work best on?
A: TimeformUS was built to work best on ChromeFirefox, or Safari on your PC, or Safari on your iPad.

Q: Who can access TimeformUS PPs?
A: TimeformUS Past performances are available exclusively for TVG Members for five tracks per day during this Beta period. Soon, TVG Members will be able to purchase PPs for most North American tracks.

Q: Who should I contact if I have trouble accessing TimeformUS or if I have additional questions?
A: Email TimeformUS at


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153 Responses to How to use TimeformUS Past Performances

  1. Andrew S says:

    So if I print out my PPs, I can’t see both the leader’s pace and the horse’s pace ? I have to always toggle them?


  2. wiretowire70 says:

    How do i mark up my pp’s


  3. gary says:

    how do you update the preview page and power picks after scratches. many of the race have 1 2,3 of the power picks are scratched. thanks.


  4. Nigel Gordon says:

    Can we purchase the PP’s from the UK?


  5. Raymond hill says:

    I purchased the breeders cup package a week ago for 44.95 I see it is now for 29.95 will you give me the package for that amount


  6. Joe diana says:

    I bought a strategy for Friday where do I get a day when I downloaded can’t find it


  7. richard kaslilk says:

    what are the numbers before and after the horses running style?


  8. Tim Richards says:

    I have really lost confidence in your product. How do I get a refund?


  9. Michael Bolduc says:

    You should have some way of limiting the Past Perf. races that are actually printed to less then 10 races.


  10. Matthew P Mahon says:

    I,’m trying to enter credit card info. I hit add card, nothing can I call? Matt


  11. Breton Reed says:

    How do we save/print a version with the expanded pace projector graphic?


  12. Jay baer says:

    No support?


  13. Jay baer says:

    Need support!!!


  14. Jtbaer49 says:

    I have been trying for hours to be able to have my former username and password nothing works ur system sucks for idiots as I who forgot their password. I think I have paid for derby access 2-3 times and their seems to be nothing for May 4.


  15. Rob M says:

    Will there be an iOS app coming anytime soon?


  16. Raymond scudieri says:

    Can u tell me what does a white box with a # for a first time starter mean when other first time starter have yellow box?


    • Sorry for the delay in response Raymond.
      Yellow boxes vs. White Boxes
      Most of the time you will see a Trainer Rating inside a yellow box, but occasionally (and often in specific sub-categories), you’ll see his rating inside a white box. The white box means he has less than 20 starts in the given rating over the past two years. So while we’ll still display a rating for him, the white box lets you know that a lot of his rating is coming from data that is 3-5 years old. If a trainer has no rating, it is because he has less than 20 starts in that category over the past five years.


  17. I’m trying to figure out how timeform had higher 1st quater # on Hero’s Man over Vic’s pick at Charles Town on March the 7th ??/ hero’s man went 22.2 while vic’s pick went 22.0…hero’s man track was 1 1/2 lengths faster than normal while vic’s pick track was 3 1/4 lengths slower than normal…hero’s man had a timeform # of103 while Vic’s pick had a 92…had to be a mistake on timeform .


  18. Rob Ritz says:

    What are the numbers that sometimes appear next to the track conditions in the race conditions bubble that shows the grade, distance and surface? Sometimes I will see just “Fast” then I will see “Fast” with an umber associated to it….usually a 7 or an 8



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