Enhanced Foreign Running Lines


Because of the partnership between Timeform and TimeformUS, it’s much easier to use TimeformUS Past Performances to evaluate horses who have been running on both sides of the pond.

Here are the top three ways TimeformUS PPs give you a unique edge when analyzing foreign horses running in North America:

1) Foreign speed figures harmonized with North American speed figures


Timeform figures for overseas racing are created using different methodology, but TimeformUS works in partnership with Timeform to put our Speed Figures for North American horses on the Timeform Global Scale, making it easier for you to instantly understand whether a foreign shipper has an edge over local horses. To learn more about how the Speed Figures are harmonized, click here.

2) A clickable Timeform Perspective Comment

In addition to speed figures on the global Timeform scale, detailed perspective comments are available for particular foreign running lines. Detailed prespective comments can be expected for a large majority of races held in England, Ireland and Dubai. If a detailed prespective comment is available, it will be uploaded to the TimeformUS PPs within 24 hours of post time.


3) Post Position and Blinkers


Because of the depth of information provided by Timeform on shippers, TimeformUS offer the sort of information that is hard to find elsewhere. What post position did the horse break from in his overseas races? Did he have blinkers on? Look to TimeformUS for the most comprehensive data on overseas racing.


TimeformUS Speed Figure Scale Alignment

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