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First thing’s first: if you’re looking for a PDF legend labeling all of our features, click here

TimeformUS Fast PPs

TimeformUS Pace Projector

TimeformUS Speed Figures

TimeformUS Spotlight Speed Figures

TimeformUS Trainer Ratings

TimeformUS Race Finder

TimeformUS Race Ratings

Our First Commercial 

For more, check out our How to use TimeformUS Past Performances blog post.

More videos coming soon!


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23 Responses to How to Use (Video)

  1. OJ says:

    How do I access the Breeders analysis?


  2. Graham Harvey says:

    HI, want to get seriously into American Racing – being English i am a slave to Timeform UK. Watching your videos – is there a function where you can do a daily report like: –

    Horses running on a day with Timeform Speed Figures 5+ advantage over 2nd best
    Trainer angles like drop in class ROI, etc like Formulator


    • TimeformUS says:

      We don’t have that kind of reporting function now, sorry, though we have some plans to build our Race Finder tool to help find horses like this. More of a 2019 project, sorry!


    • Jtbaer49 says:

      Statisticians rule now in all betting venues. The more the better. FYI thanks for showing the substianal class drop on the 8th race at Belmont, 22/1. It was hard to validate with a quick perusal of the form. Optional conditions,etc. I find hard to figure.thanks for all the work U all do at TFUS.



    there is no strategy section for every race?


  4. mike kreuzer says:

    how do I access the pick 4 picks for the Kentucky oaks?


  5. tony vega says:

    how can you talk to someone from timeformus
    no number posted


  6. dueywag says:

    How do you print anything? The “how to” video is outdated, as it shows a way to print from the Fast PP page (although it’s not called that anymore and the tabs are different)/. It shows a printer icon but there is no longer one anywhere at all. So no way to print ANYTHING from this site? That’s a huge negative.


    • TimeformUS says:

      At the top of the PPs for any race there’s a print icon. It says “Print” and there’s 3 formats for printing PPs, just click on the print icon to see the options. Apologies for the outdated help page.


  7. J. Hall says:

    With the new number alignment with the european horses , how many points would be a length at the different distances?


  8. mike says:

    why isn’t there a phone number to contact you?


  9. Timeform is just using a paradigm of the most up-to-date web interface styling. I have been used to having two or three hard-copy pages of BRISnet ultimate PPs for each race in front of me, but am intrigued by this new idea. I’m looking for a place where every item on any accessible page is indicated and explained, though. My suggestion is to be patient and give it a legit chance.


  10. Bob Quinn says:

    The problem I’m having is I like to look at a horses full running lines without having to scroll or hit more pp’s. The scroll bar is super thin and I’m just not comfortable having to continuously scroll up and down to get a feel for the horses lines. I think you’re trying to put too much on 1 page. Supplying a horses lifetime pp’s is a great feature but I’d like to see them available on a page/screen of their own. I find your site cumbersome, hard to navigate.



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