Updates to the Fast PPs page

We’ve made some significant changes to the area above the PPs. In fact, more changes are still coming tonight and this weekend.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.44.56 PM

Much of it is self-explanatory, but here is some information about our new data fields. We urge you to submit any questions or feedback in the comments section below. Also know that many of these fileds will soon have drop-down menus to let you drill down even further. We’re also adding a “notes” field for you to take and save notes.

The Star Ratings are designed to rate a horse’s betting value and are derived from his record in recent starts. They take into account the race surface, quality of competition today, and likelihood of improvement, and compare that information to the Morning Line odds to find the horse’s betting value.

fast-pps-middleIn this section, note that the horse’s record now includes results from races run outside of North America.

We have also added in to the damsire in each horse’s pedigree (in this example, Fortunate Prospect is the damsire).

The “Rating: NA” is a Pedigree Rating we will be adding for each horse in the future. We’ll also be adding sales prices and stud fees.


In this section, you can once again use the buttons to make your picks. They will be saved in the “My Picks” area, and we have added in a Major Play and Thumbs Down button for you to further define your selections.


The Key Ratings is a section we’re really excited about, and we’ll be adding even more to it in the coming days and weeks. The goal of this section is provide you with a snapshot of the trainer’s and jockey’s performances over the past year, and whether they’re hot or cold over the past two weeks. We’ll eventually add a drop down that lets you dig into all the stats within the section.

Looking from left-to-right in the example above, you can see that William Mott has 605 starts in the past year. His overall win percentage is 19%, and his in-the-money percentage is 45%. His stats are “average” in the past two weeks (more on that below).

You can also see Mott’s stats for key conditions similar to today’s race. In this example, you see his stats in races for horses four-years-old and up, and his stats in Graded Stakes races. Similar stats are included for this horse’s jockey (Jose Lezcano) and statistics for when Lezcano rides a Mott-trained horse (the Trainer/Jockey Combo).

In the “Last 2 weeks” column, we’ll let you know how the trainer and jockey have performed recently. If they have no starts for a particular category in the past two weeks, that field will be blank. While there are rules regarding number of starts, generally, performing at 40% or better in the win percentage will earn a “hot” rating. “Cold” ratings are generally for win percentages of 5% or lower. But again, this varies for trainers, jockeys, and for the overall trainer category and the sub categories. In the example above, Mott had 11 starts in the past two weeks for  races restricted to four-year-olds and up. He won six of those 11 starts, earning the “hot” rating.

We’re glad to launch this update, but we need your help to make it better. Use the comment section below to let us know what you think.

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2 Responses to Updates to the Fast PPs page

  1. Aaron Shapiro says:

    I’ve noticed on your trainer tool that at present it does not seem to be track specific. I think you said it will eventually be track specific.


  2. Aaron Shapiro says:

    The Mater Rating seems like a good tool. As for the star ratings,it is a tough decision on how to use them,because in many instances the ML is not similar to the post time odds. I guess the best way to use it is as an odds line and adjust to actual odds. For instance a horse is 12-1 on ML and goes off 2-1. A five star horse is now probably only a 1 or 2 star horse for betting purpose. You have a lot of different numbers,such as the performance figures,master ratings and star horses. I think it would be best for an player to pick one of these as a main tool and the others as just a minor tool and work from there. I guess the individual’s preference will decide which to use as the main tool from his experience with each. If you have any suggestions in use of these tools,please advise,as they all seem to have merit.



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