TimeformUS Beta moves to The Cloud

As of today, TimeformUS Beta is operating out of “The Cloud.”

What does that mean for you?

First of all, continue to use the same Beta-tester login link you’ve been using.

Second, it means faster navigation of the site and quicker product upgrades. One thing you’ll notice right away is that the running lines for European shippers should look even better than before. Take Eternal Ruler (Gulfstream, Saturday, Race 8) for example:


You should see accurate race conditions, speed figures, and long race comments that come from the global Timeform team. Remember you can click on the comments to expand them and get a detailed description of the horse’s trip.

As for speed and navigation now that we’re operating out of the cloud, we’re looking to you for feedback. Does it seem faster, slower, or the same? Drop us an email at TimeformUS@gmail.com or post a comment below. When providing feedback, please be as specific as possible. For example, make sure to tell us which parts of the site are faster or slower, and which track/race/date/horse you’re looking at.

Thanks as always for your feedback.

The TimeformUS Team

Visit TimeformUS.com

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