Single Scroll and Printing

With our new “Single Scroll” feature, you can now you can see each horse’s last 10 races all in the same place.  To try this, go into the “Fast PPs” page for any race. Then, click this printer icon:


This will generate a PDF containing the last 10 running lines for every horse in the race. It’s in a printer friendly format if you prefer a hard copy, but there’s also an easy way for you to take notes on the PDF using your tablet and your finger.

If you have downloaded the Adobe Reader App (it’s free here), just tap anywhere on your PDF and you’ll see this menu:


Then tap “Open in Adobe Reader” and once you’re in the program, you can use the Adobe Reader tools to draw free hand, highlight, take notes and save your personalized version. You can also do this on a PC using Adobe Reader.

We’re still making enhancements to this feature, and we welcome your feedback as we continue to improve this experience. Email us at, or post a comment below.


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2 Responses to Single Scroll and Printing

  1. Aaron Shapiro says:

    The printing seems to be pretty easy. I noticed on the PDF copy,some of the information did not appear to print the same as the original. Does the letter “N” mean the Inner track at Aqueduct ?


    • TimeformUS says:

      @Aaron: Yes, the Inner Dirt at Aqueduct is showing up as an N, but we’re fixing that. You’ll notice the fractions are slightly off on the print out as well. That will also be fixed, most likely on Friday.



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