The Preview Page – Much more than “Entries”

The “Preview Page” is the TimeformUS version of an entries page. If you have purchased Past Performances for the race you’re looking at, features like the Pace Projector, Spotlight Speed Figures, Check Mark Ratings, and Selections will be added to the preview page. Here’s some detail about what you’ll see on the preview page. 

1) Odds: Currently you’ll see the Morning Line odds, “Live Odds” are a click away in the”Fast PPs”section. The Morning Line gives you an advance look at how the track thinks bettors are going to bet the race, whereas Live Odds will give you the real-time odds, usually beginning about 25 minutes before a race is run.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.51.12 PM

2) Spotlight Speed Figures: We look at our Speed Figures for a horse’s recent races, and show you the one that was run on a surface and at a distance most similar to today’s race. The higher the better! They’re color coded for surface: Brown for dirt, green for turf, and blue for synthetic surfaces.

3) Check Mark Ratings: Ratings based on a scale from one through five. Recent form and morning line odds are key elements to give the player an idea of value plays in a race.

4) Early/Late Ratings & Run Style:
The Early/Late Ratings are created by looking at a horse’s last four races, and factoring in Running Style with early/late velocity to come up with a rating to predict the early/late ability of each horse. In the center of the ratings is the horses established run style

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Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 4.04.45 PM4) Global Timeform Selections: These automated selections are directly related the the Star Ratings provided for each horse. An abbreviated version of the Race Conditions can also be found in the Preview Tab.

Trk config BEL5) Track Diagram, Race Conditions, and Race Ratings: If you click the black arrow inside the track diagram, this box will expand to show the full, detailed conditions. Race Ratings are also included in the white box to the left of the conditions. By assigning a numerical value to each race type, bettors are able to easily compare races and spot class moves. For example, if a horse has been running in allowance races at Fairplex and he ships to Betfair Hollywood Park for a claiming race, the bettor can use TimeformUS Race Ratings to determine the horse’s change in class and competition.

6) The TimeformUS Pace Projector: Displays the position we project the horses to be in at the opening quarter mile of a sprint, or the opening half mile of a route. This is done by combining the horse’s habitual running style with his previous pace figures, forming what we believe is the most formidable pace projection tool available anywhere.


Coming to the Preview Tab 

More Smart Stats – Helpful trainer, jockey, track, and situational stats for each race will give you meaningful context for all races. Smart Stats for jockeys and trainers are now live, and we will be adding in additional stat categories in the future.

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Tab 2 – Fast Past Performances
TimeformUS Speed Figures – How they work
Features Coming Soon


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13 Responses to The Preview Page – Much more than “Entries”

  1. ladhorses says:

    Do you have any “Post Mortems” available?

    It would be nice to have a txt file available to download and manipulate.

    That goes for everything. I tediously type things into my own document to analyze. One can’t copy your PP elements for a text file because they are Graphical. It is irritating.


  2. ladhorses says:

    Are the “Spotlight Speed Figures” a measure of how this particular horse did in a given race or are they a measure of all the horses that participated in a given race?

    This figure could be high, but, if our horse came in last, it just shows that that higher general level of the competition smooshed him/her. Is that right?

    I shouldn’t look at the “Spotlight Speed Figure” as a direct indicator of how “fast” our horse is. I should just see it as a measurement of “how deep the water” was in this contest. Did our horse fare well in this pool or not.
    Comments about whether I am seeing this correctly would be appreciated. Set me straight!!!



  3. Michael says:

    We look at our Speed Figures for a horse’s recent races, and show you the one that was run on a surface and at a distance most similar to today’s race.

    dose the spotlight speed figure take today’s predicted pace of race into consideration when the figure is calculated?


  4. Marcatrtr’s assumption is appreciable


  5. Aaron Shapiro says:

    I’ve noticed in your tab 1 Time Form Ratings,in races run on the grass horses that are main track only have come up with the best ratings.
    1- it would probably be better just to rate the turf horses.
    2-If you rate the dirt horses,you should specify their ratings are for dirt only.


    • marcatrtr says:

      I think the right answer there might be color coding the Spotlight ratings. We actually like leaving them in for different surfaces (though obviously it’s coded to prefer the same surface), as horses can often handle 2 of the 3 surfaces similarly well on our numbers. But to your point, the user deserves a heads up that it’s a number from a different surface.


  6. Aaron Shapiro says:

    In regards to Smart Stats,I think some negative stats should be included. I also think the stats should be track or circuit oriented and not include all tracks for the trainer. Some trainers are hot at certain tracks and do not win at others.


    • marcatrtr says:

      Negative stats will be introduced soon and all stats are intended to be track specific. Stay tuned here, this area is about 1/10th done.



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