Welcome To TimeformUS

Welcome to the TimeformUS blog.

If you have questions about TimeformUS, or if you would like to sign up to be a beta tester, please email us at Support@TimeformUS.com

The purpose of this blog is to explain features of TimeformUS Past Performances, answer your questions, and provide a space for you to give feedback and suggestions.

Click the links below to jump to blog posts which will help you get started:
How-To Overview
Tab 1 – Entries, Star Ratings, Selections, and much more
Tab 2 – Fast Past Performances
TimeformUS Speed Figures – How they work
Features Coming Soon

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2 Responses to Welcome To TimeformUS

  1. Steve in NC says:

    Hats off to you for including all the previous workouts, not just the last six (pet peeve with DRF). Sat, 11/17, used it with Dutrow horse in AQ race 5, shows he had good wkts before his last win (as he does now), not showing in DRF. Also able to compare wkt pattern for Kangaro (race 6) with that during his last layoff – looks worse this time.
    The workouts would be more intuitive to read if they were in vertical columns, rather than horizontal rows, but I can adapt.
    When your trainer tool comes online, it would be great to be able to see workout patterns on all of a trainer’s firsters at different ages/distances (Formulator only does this for horses who haven’t had many workouts since the debut – stupid).
    Glad Irish Sea (race 9) was scratched because his pps wouldn’t load.
    Keep up the improvements – looking good.


    • marcatrtr says:

      We don’t think we’ve nailed workouts yet but we have more pressing items in the short-term (such as foreign running lines utilizing the amazing figs and commentary from Timeform overseas). There’s a few interesting things we can do with works. Vertical may make sense. Color coding for surface may have utility. Trainer changes may make sense, too. There’s a line to cross where it’s too much info, too reminiscent of what’s already in the running lines, but we’d like to give users a clearer picture than we are so far. Finding a way to give customers of US racing single click access to lifetime workouts without intruding on their running line experience, we believe, is where all PP providers should be.



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