How To – Overview

Getting Started With TimeformUS
Tab 1 –Preview with Entries, Star Ratings, Selections, and much more
Tab 2 – Fast Past Performances

How TimeformUS is Different
TimeformUS Speed Figures – How they work
Key Ratings Box
TimeformUS Pace Projector
Enhanced Foreign Running Lines
Spotlight Speed Figure
Race Finder
Features Coming Soon

Key Features

Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
Please use the following browsers to access TimeformUS Past Performances:
ChromeFirefox, or Safari (on a PC or laptop). Or use Safari on an iPad.

Please do not use Internet Explorer (not yet anyway). Once IE 10 is released, it will be compatible with our site. But for now, please stick to the browsers above for the best experience.

Finding a track
There are two ways to find entries and past performances. In the top right corner of the site’s navigation, you’ll see a “Track Finder” link. From there, you can find races by track, or by race type.


1) Find a Race – This tool lets you set the date and type of race you’re interested in, and when you hit “GO!” in the bottom right corner, a personalized list of races appears on your screen. From this list of races, you can click “Tab 1” to view the entries, or “Tab 2” to view the past performances. You can search for things like “All turf races” or get specific and search for “2-year-old turf sprints going off between 3pm and  6pm,” for example.

2) Find a Track – This page lets you pick the date and view all tracks running that day.

Tab 1 – Entries

By accessing Tab 1 for any race, you’re looking at our version of the entries. Many features are being added to this page – Timeform Star Ratings, Timeform 1-2-3s, a Spotlight Speed Figure, a Pace Projector, Smart Stats, track diagrams, and more.

Tab 1 also contains our abbreviated condition header. Click that arrow on the right to expand this box and view the full conditions.

Track ConfigRace Ratings are located in the white box to the left of the race conditions. The ratings are numbers we’re assigning to different race types which will make it easier to compare horses entering a race from different circuits and class levels. For example, if a horse is shipping to Belmont from Parx, you will be able to tell what class level he’s been running in at Parx, and how that compares to the class of today’s race at Belmont.

Tab 2 – Fast Past Performances

Tab 2 is our “Fast Past Performances” (as opposed to Tab 3, which when ready, will have features like video replays and pace figures for the player who wants to dive deeper). Some key features and things to know:

The Speed Figure is a combination of final time and pace, and it is on the Timeform scale. The Speed Figures are color coded to indicate the surface. Brown with black lettering is a race run on dirt. Brown with green lettering is a race that was scheduled to run on grass, but was instead run on dirt. Green with black lettering is a race run on grass. Blue with black lettering is a race run on a synthetic surface. Blue with green lettering is a race that was scheduled to run on grass, but was instead run on a synthetic surface.

 You can set your “Fractions Preferences” by clicking on the fractions within any running line. Your preferences will be saved and will be shown in your preferred style for all races.

The race conditions within the running lines also
incorporate this same color-coding.

You’ll notice the “long comment” appears in each horse’s running line instead of the short comment. This gives the handicapper a better understanding of what happened in previous races without watching the video replay.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 1.19.39 PMYou can click any of the Major Play, Win, 2nd, etc., buttons to start forming your selections (which we’re calling “My Picks”). Classifying horses like this will also be a way to share your picks with friends (if you choose to do so), and seeing who your friends, or the community, is picking. This sharing functionality is still being developed, but you can currently set your picks and they will be save in your “My Picks” area.

Enter notes for horses and they’ll appear the next time that horse runs. You’ll also have the option to share your notes with your friends eventually.

Workouts appear at the bottom of each horse’s running lines, and if you hit the arrow on the right side of the Workouts section, it will expand to show you lifetime workouts.


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